CHORDBOSS OPERATION                   

Every guitar has white "dots" on the top of the guitar neck. These dots usually mark the 3rd fret, 5th fret and 7th fret. These markers on the guitar neck are made for the barre E and barre A and other barre chords. The Barre-E and the Barre-A below are the only chord combinations that unlock the entire chord circle. The one-button operation changes minors to majors and majors to minors. These are the two most important chords to know on the guitar. This method is called "guitar chord patterns" which simply place fret numbers on the "chord groups". Each chord group are in tight patterns of 1-1-3 (F, Bb, C),  1-3-3 (F, G, C)  3-3-5 (G, C, D), 3-5-5 (G, A, D) , 5-5-7 (A, D, E),  5-7-7 (A, B. E),  and much more around the chord circle...

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